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Here are 10 of them, a few more to come, if you are interested to get more links for your site, you may know some of them or not, but it will help if you put your link on all of them. Check them out:

1. it’s a PR7
Create your free account now! Write your “how to article” or create a video. Put your links in the “Resources” section.

2. it’s a PR5
Create free account. Post a question or answer others questions. You cannot use html so just write a link to your website in normal non-html text.

3. it’s a PR5
Create your free account post your free keyword optimized classified ad.

4. it’s a PR7
You can edit an existing wiki or post your own wikihow and then in the “Sources and Citations” section add a link to your related website.

5. it’s a PR6
Create your free squidoo account. Then build a lens and edit it to include links to your website.

6. it’s a PR7
Create your free account. Find people looking to do things or create your own “to do” list and then just reply to questions or posts recommending your website as a resource.

Create your own free keyword targeted blog and make blog posts. You can add links to your site from your admin area or within your blog posts.

8. it’s a PR6
Sign up free. Submit your unique and compelling video, text, audio and images on the topics of your choice. You can add a link to your site in your profile under “Affiliations”

9. it’s a PR8
Create your free account and then digg your website url using the dig tools. Add your keywords as tags.

10. it’s a PR7
Create your free account and then bookmark your site. Use your keywords as tags.

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