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If a combination of exercise and healthy eating are not succeeding in your quest to lose excess weight, you might be considering plastic surgery.  Liposuction and gastric band surgery are both forms of weight loss surgery but are quite distinct and suitable for different situations.

Gastric Band
Gastric banding helps you to lose weight by reducing your daily food intake.  Gastric band surgery consists of placing a band around the stomach, dividing it into two sections.  When the first, smaller section fills up you feel full and no longer hungry.  The food eventually passes throught to the second section and is processed as normal.  Over time, the reduced appetite gastric banding provides will help you to lose weight.
A gastric band is suitable for people with a BMI in the range of 35 – 50 and enables the patient to change their eating habits, lose weight and prevent regaining it.
Liposuction surgery involves physically removing fat from the body.  This is achieved by placing a tube under the skin and sucking away the fat cells using a vacuum.
Liposuction is intended for removal of fat from particular areas of the body, or for people with only a moderate amount of excess weight.  Results are instant, although as with all surgery, a certain amount of recovery time should be expected.

As with all cosmetic surgery, gastric band and liposuction prices continue to fall as they both become increasingly popular.  Liposuction can cost as little as £1600 and a gastric band cost under £4000.

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