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The American well-known comic books editor, DC Comics will offer his most famous superheroes and villains a new life and storyline.

Over the years, the U.S. publisher DC Comics has become a leader of the comic books and graphic novels market. During all these years, fans of superheroes and fantastic story adopted the DC Comics’ characters. The Adventures of DC’s superheroes and their antagonists are endless for true fans.

In this context, for his fans delight, the prolific comic books and graphic novels publisher announced that 52 new # 1 issues will be launch in September 2011. Plus, in December, this incredible event will be commemorated by the creation of once-in-a-lifetime hardcover that brings together all “The New 52” # 1 issues.

According to DC Senior VP – Sales Bob Wayne, that launching is a great opportunity to aggressively reach a wide audience worldwide with compelling stories and an accessible entry point for both new and current readers. Telling new, contemporary and cutting edge stories that are built off the best known, classic stories is something very stimulating for the creative team of DC Entertainment and DC Comics.

For DC Comics, this is a new generation of comics and it will set the tone for story lines and characters for years to come. Starting at # 1 provides the creative teams the chance to take a modern approach in the way characters interact with the people and their universe. That also takes them back at the time when the iconic characters were at their start of their superheroes career and have no or not much experience defeating their nemeses. At a time when they weren’t so sure about their powers and abilities, and they haven’t saved the world a million times. This new series was created so that new readers can fall in love with these legendary characters and the experienced readers can rediscover their favourite superheroes in all new stories.

But don’t worry even if a lot of new stuff is coming up with the DC’s comics, the greatest stories will remain. In the same though, some people could be frustrated about disappearance of some characters. Keep in mind that over the years, DC Comic’s characters have evolved and come and goes, it’s not different this time. Also, creative teams are working to keep the best of the old stuff and in the same time they want to make over the DC Comics universe with modern and real worlds situations, interactions, triumph and drama. They take old stuff and make it better that’s what Bob Wayne says in an e-mail sent to the retailers in July.

The lead comic book of “The New 52” is Justice League, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee. That book will be available in stores and digital August 31. In fact, every new publication of “The New 52” will be available only for the launch same-day digital and print this is a first in the company’s publishing history. You will be able to buy comics online the very first day of their publishing! Fans, don’t miss it, this will be a historic moment in comic books industry.

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