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This article concerns two procedures, gastric band and tummy tuck.

Gastric band surgery helps you to lose weight by decreasing overall daily food intake and so that you can achieve a sustainable weight.  Gastric band surgery helps to enable weight loss by changing your eating habits.

A tummy tuck is a from of plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery, which removes excess skin.  After losing a great deal of weight, some people find they are left with excess skin due to stretching.  This is when tummy tuck surgery is appropriate.
How A Gastric Band Works.

A gastric band works by giving you the sensation of satiety, or feeling full.  This reduction in the sensation of hunger makes it easier to eat less and reduce weight.

A gastric band is placed around the stomach through keyhole surgery, dividing the stomach into two sections.  The first section forms a small pouch that fills with food quickly, making you feel full.  Food passes into the second section and is processed as usual.

Having a gastric band fitted helps reduce weight and lead to a healthier lifestyle by helping to change your behaviour.  To achieve the maximum benefits of gastric banding, discipline after surgery is an important part of the process.

In recent years,as gastric banding has become more popular, gastric band prices have fallen considerably, and this is set to continue as this reduction in gastric band cost has further increased its popularity. 

How A Tummy Tuck Works.

Weight loss can leave you with excess skin, especially around the abdomen.

A tummy tuck can remove excess tissue.  The best results of this and all plastic surgery procedures are from those within the ideal weight and height band.

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