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The recent inquest into the tragic death of a little boy in Ireland as reported in the Irish Times is a sharp reminder of the responsibility of both blind manufacturers and retailers.

As we are both a manufacturer and retailer its a regular consideration for us not only in our marketing but in the face to face interaction with customers. As a company locally in Manchester we offer all our customers the choice of having child safety locks fitted with every blind. You will be shocked to hear that only a small percentage agree to have them fitted. Considering the aesthetic and practical quality of the child safety locks its even more surprising.

Almost every blind is made with some sort of loop, sometimes two in the case of vertical blinds and with politicians becoming more vocal in their attempts to ban any type of blinds from having any sort of looped cord to operate it the major suppliers have been putting more energy into developing safety fixings for the cords that most importantly prevent the loops from hanging free but also don’t take away the design or style of the blind.

Other types of blinds such as roller blinds, venetian blinds, wooden blinds and roman blinds due to the nature of the fairly complicated cording required is solved by using cord cleats to wrap the cord up after use. Personally i don’t think re-designing blinds to have hoop-less cords is necessary. A legal requirement to ensure that every blind supplied has a child safety fixing supplied will be just as effective.

As a industry we hope and pray that these simple but effective solutions result in no more of these tragic incidents.

All our blinds are now sent out with the Child Safety fixings free of charge.

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