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With every new year comes new year’s resolutions, and the number one resolution this year is to lose weight, of the prime reasons that people choose to seek plastic surgery.

The majority of people choosing to lose weight will first try altering their diet and exercise habits, and with persistence this can help reduce excess fat.  For a variety of reasons however, 95% of diets fail, and for those who are obese, exercising can be dangerous.  For people with a BMI of over 35 who find themselves in these circumstances, a gastric band may provide a solution.

Those who have managed to lose weight, either through diet and exercise or having a gastric band fitted, can find that although they are pleased with the results of their weight loss, they find themselves with aspects they wish to improve, such as saggy skin, stubborn areas of fat, drooping breasts and wrinkles.  There are cosmetic surgery procedures intended to combat each of these problems, referred to under the umbrella term of ‘body contouring’ surgery. Liposuction, tummy tuck and breast uplift can all be considered as ‘body contouring’ procedures.

It is important to understand that cosmetic surgery such as liposuction and tummy tuck are not weight loss solutions, and will only provide optimum results if carried out on someone already at their ideal weight.

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