About our Newsletter

This is the gathering place of all newsletters i will send for my directory. I promise i will never send you guys garbage. I will first test all the products myself, and if i really like them, then i will tell you guys about them.

There are numerous scripts and books and software appearing each day, some of them are good, most of them are useless. I intend to let my subscribers know about the good and useful ones. From time to time maybe i’ll send you guys even some high quality freebies.

Everybody who submitted a site to my directory is automatically listed into my Newsletter, but if you feel it’s not on your liking you are welcome to click the unsubscribe link i place in all the emails I send out, and you will never hear from me again. No questions asked.

One more thing, I do not own these products, so for anything related to them, please contact the respective owners from the product pages. If you do have problems i will try my best to help, but again i do not own these products.

So, to a happy online life,


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